MyBookLog is not only about how many books you own or how many books you buy.

It’s about how many books you actually READ.

Think about this: Most best-selling books may not actually be the best-read books. Just because somebody buys a book doesn’t mean he or she reads it.

Full bookshelves and an empty mind are not the goal.

That’s why MyBookLog encourages you, more than anything else, to track and review the books you read. It’s a tool for recording the literary landscape you’ve traveled… and the vistas stretched out before you.

What’s more, because MyBookLog tracks how many books you read in a year, it’s also a tool to motivate you to read more.

Have you only read four or five books in the past year? Do you think you can double your pace and read 10 this year?

MyBookLog can help you achieve that.

Have you experienced a major life interruption (like a newborn baby), and you fear you won’t be able to read as much as you used to?

Then use MyBookLog to help you track your pace — and maintain it. Ultimately, it is a game you play against yourself or among friends.

How many books can you read?